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It’s hard to say goodbye to someone who has overcome so much himself and done so much for a city, especially when they’ve held a special place in your heart for so long. And despite all the mental and emotional preparation I’ve been putting myself through this past week, it doesn’t hurt any less now that you’ve been traded.

It was no secret that you loved it here, and if the last few days were any indication, it’s no secret that everyone here loved you too. You gave us incredible stuff on the field, with two championship trophies, a no-hitter, and a handful of trips to the all-star game to show for it, and you changed lives off the field with all of your charity work and kindness. Your dedication and perseverance are an inspiration to so many people.

Good luck in Oakland, my favorite bubble-blowing ace. I only hope you find your way back to Boston. It will always be your home.

Thank you for everything.

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"If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph."

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This hit me harder than I expected.

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Essence of the North Cascades by Trevor Anderson on Flickr.


Seriously you guys, please signal boost the shit out of this. We haven’t made any progress in the last week and a half, and my family desperately needs it. They were paycheck to paycheck already, and now they are having to re buy loads of things, plus gas to get to and from work, and my little cousin starts school soon and needs all new school supplies. Please, I  understand if you can’t donate, but signal boost so someone with the means to can help. If you donate let me know and I can send you some kind of thank you, whether it’s a message here on tumblr, a hand written card, or a print of one of my photographs. Please help my family in their time of need.

I never post about my life but I need tell this to someone anonymous…

There’s this guy from work that I’ve flirted with since the beginning, even when we were both with other people and we helped each other through our break-ups and I’ve asked him so many times for guy advice and the whole time we just sorta flirted and were friends. I hadn’t seen him in a while but I covered this girl’s shift and worked with him and we started talking again and I asked for guy advice again. I met this cute guy at a party and I needed help haha. But things with the guy from the party fell through, so on the fourth I was feeling bad about it so I invited my work friend over to the party I was at just out of frustration. Everyone at the party told me he was clearly into me but I didn’t see it. The next day he asked me to go fishing with him, and I really hate fishing but I went anyways because I was still feeling frustrated about the other boy and it was something to do to get my mind off of it. Then I didn’t see or hear from him for a couple days and to be honest I didn’t really notice. Then there was a day when I asked the guy from the party to hang out and he was really lame about it so I decided to give up on him, and my work friend asked me to hang out. But I jokingly gave him a super hard time about it because he tried to ask me out over snapchat which is unacceptable so I told him to text or call me like an adult. Like I have never been as sassy to someone in my life as I am to this boy. But he still kept talking to me. So we hung out just us that day. Then a couple days ago he asked me to a movie, so we went and did that. Like clearly these were dates but we were acting way too casually about them, like we wouldn’t even hug afterward we would just say bye and continue on with our lives. Then this past Monday he asked me if I had plans at all and I said no, so he told me he had plans for us, which is my favorite thing in the world that someone could do for me, and to be honest I didn’t think that really happened to people. So we went into the city and it was amazing but we were still just acting as friends, like when I tried to hug him goodbye he patted me on the head and just said “bye kiddo” so I was so confused. And by that point I was starting to like him, because earlier in the summer I was convinced I wouldn’t like him for some reason. But I’m going to college this fall and he’s not so that’s where this story turns. The next night I had a fire at my house with a few friends and I invited him. After everyone left he told me he had something for me in his car so we went to his car and he told me to close my eyes. So I did and he kissed me and it was pretty fantastic and he kept saying how he had been waiting for that to happen forever and it was wicked cute, and again it didn’t seem like something real people did. Then the next night he came over my friend’s house and afterwards I told him that I just couldn’t commit because of college and he was upset but he said ok, because I was still willing to see him and hook up or make out or have fun or whatever. But later that night he texted me that he just couldn’t do that. That he had to commit and go all out for just one person and honestly it was such a bittersweet moment because I knew that it was everything I wanted out of a guy but I just couldn’t have it right now. It’s so sad because that is exactly how a guy should treat a girl and I can’t be that girl. But these past few weeks were so important. It was nice to experience someone liking me that much that they couldn’t just hook up with me because they liked me too much and couldn’t get attached when I was just gonna leave. It was nice to feel wanted but now we’re “just friends” and my heart is slightly broken even though I know it’s my fault, but he deserves a girl who can commit. That’s just not me. And I hope I can find someone as amazing as him when I’m ready to be that amazing for them.







This is now my favorite post. Ever. 

never forget to wash the butt.


Keep away from fire especially when wearing

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Birds Eye 3 (England) by Alisdair Miller
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